We bring

Digital Dream to Reality!

Create a live TWIN of their Business Process

Use advanced analytics & AI to capture the Intelligence of the process

Elegantly enable and actuate Dynamics of the process


We are building our flagship product: PLAYMAKER

Playmaker is a “Convergence Platform” It uses “LIVE TWIN” to help new technologies easily converge with running business systems and bring their advantages to bear.

With PLAYMAKER, enterprises can

  • “PLAY” new technologies on their existing platforms…
  • Implement and leverage technologies like analytics, artificial intelligence, IOT, robotics, automation in a seamless, disruption less way…
  • Cut across technology silos and organization silos and got everyone’s focus on common business goals and challenges…
  • Predict and Proactively monitor alerts, alarms and key performance measures
  • Visualizes business and analytics the way customers wish to see it…

With Playmaker, you can really “PLAY” your Business”

We are in Prototype Phase. Watch this space…