About Us : Process Intelligence and Dynamics, PID- Playmaker

About Us


Process Intelligence and Dynamics was founded by three founders.We aim to find ways of easy convergence and operationalization of new, disruptive technologies into enterprises.

  • We work in the areas of enterprise systems, enterprise modelling and AI/ML to achieve these.
  • We are located at Bhau Institute of Innovation Entrepreneurship and Leadership at COEP, a Premier Technology Institute in Western India.
  • Currently we are building our flagship product: “Playmaker”


Our leadership team has the right chemistry to the table the right intelligence and dynamic

Sameer Phadke CEO Founder PID Playmaker Process Intelligence and Dynamics

Sameer Phadke

Founder & CEO

Sameer has a long and multi-faceted experience in Consulting, IT, automation and process engineering. Before founding PID, he worked with IBM, where he played multiple leadership roles.

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Aparna Joshi Founder PID Playmaker Process Intelligence and Dynamics

Aparna joshi

Founder & director

Aparna has over 15 years of experience in various large as well as medium sized software companies, and is passionate about quality and process improvement.

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Vivek Karve Founder PID Playmaker Process Intelligence and Dynamics

Vivek Karve

Founder, mentor & non executive director

Vivek is a Chartered Accountant,  Cost Accountant and a Leader in Finance. Currently, Vivek is the CFO of Marico Industries.He has more than 23 years of experience in Finance, Banking, and IT.

He has been a director and a mentor for PID since its inception.

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